Two people running rapids in a red canoe. There are high rock walls on both sides.
Dustin Silvey
Brand Platform
Use the Brand Platform to guide communications decisions, focus marketing efforts and consistently tell Manitoba’s tourism story.

Brand Story

The brand story connects Manitoba’s tourism brand to travellers through shared values and aspirations. Use it to inspire copywriting and creative.

Your heart needs travel. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or your age or ability, your heart needs travel. So follow it to the middle of Canada.

The Leaf Biomes at Assiniboine Park.

A mother polar bear lying down on the snow covered rocky shore, rests her head on her cubs back.

Polar bears in Churchill.

Here, a 100-mile-wide sunset over a mirror lake makes everything else disappear. Here, a rib-crushing hug chases the cold from a winter day. Here, a fiddle contest gets your toe tapping. Here, the rhythm of a jingle dress dance comforts your spirit.

Every heart needs something a little different, but the power in all of these moments calls us to venture forward.

Whatever your heart needs right now, follow it to Manitoba. There are countless stories and experiences that get our hearts beating. They will make your heart beat too.

Cross an ocean, travel inland, travel north. Add a stop in Manitoba on your Canadian vacation. Meet your family and friends here in the middle of the country.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Canada’s heart is calling.

Brand Promise

Use the brand promise to quickly explain the kind of travel that can only be found in Manitoba.

In Manitoba, we know the longing for travel is felt in the heart. So when your heart needs quiet, or when it needs to race, sing or reflect, follow it here to the middle of Canada. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Canada’s heart is calling.

Two people walking down a wooden staircase in a shady forest on a sunny day.

Hikers at Riding Mountain National Park.

Brand Personality

Channel the following attributes in marketing and communications to connect with travellers on a deeper level.

A person standing on the boardwalk taking a photo of the sunset

Viewing the sunset from the boardwalk in Winkler.

Manitoba’s reflective side:

  • We are generous: You’ll see it in the “Let me take you there and show you” attitude of locals and the sense of pride alive in the rural and remote corners of the province.
  • We are adventurous: You’ll find it in our 100,000 lakes, 30+ species of sport fish and an evening sky filled with ducks and birds on their migratory paths across the province.
  • We’re full of surprises: You’ll get a new perspective when you explore our Francophone communities, quirky pop-up markets and vibrant arts and culture scenes.
  • We are wise: You’ll feel it in the Indigenous ways of knowing and traditional teachings, our connection to the land and our careful stewardship of wildlife and wilderness.

Manitoba’s fun-loving side:

  • We are welcoming: Join us at a social, at the cottage or at an event; there is no pretence here. We love to share what we have with visitors.
  • We are fun: We take our travel product seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. We like to have fun and laugh together; there is a lighthearted energy in Manitoba.
  • We are passionate: Our determination and love for our province fuel the unconventional and extreme experiences you can only find here—like our winter activities.
  • We’re for families: Many of our destinations are accessible to grandparents and young kids. There’s also a good chance our fellow Canadians have family in Manitoba.
Two people enjoy a hot beverage while taking a break during a day of cross-country skiing.

Cross-country skiing in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Target Audiences

There are four key traveller groups we seek to attract to Manitoba because they will truly appreciate what we have to offer:

Long-haul traveller

This group loves our bucket-list outdoor experiences and the chance to share these transformative moments with people from around the world. They believe travel is the most enriching when it’s experienced with others.

People exploring the ice sculptures and entertainment at the outdoor Festival du Voyageur

Short-haul traveller

This group loves to load up the kids, hit the open road and explore our quirky, specialty or Francophone experiences. They feel right at home in Manitoba, and if they don’t have friends and family here already, they will soon.

Two people lie on a pebble beach to take a selfie with a goat.

Local traveller

On weekends, this group loves to venture out to have some fun and try something new. The pandemic inspired a sense of pride in what our province has to offer. They bought good gear and stepped up for local tourism businesses. Let’s keep that pride alive.

A person in a Hunt Fish MB baseball hat kneels on the ice and holds a giant Golden Walleye.

Hunt-fish traveller

They love our remote lodges, our wide variety of fish and waterfowl, and the monsters they can pull out of our 100,000 lakes. They’re hunting for a thrill – plus the exclusivity, status and bragging rights that come with landing one of our master anglers.

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