Building on the Brand
If you operate a business in the tourism industry, we invite you to leverage Manitoba’s tourism brand to promote your products and services.

Experience Framework

We use an experience framework to highlight the many different heart-moving activities that travellers can find in Manitoba. Where does your tourism offering fit in the framework?

When your heart needs to reflect

  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Educational experiences
  • Indigenous experiences
  • Eco-tours
Two people viewing an exhibit at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Graceful Polar Bear in Churchill, majestically exploring its Arctic habitat.

Polar bear in Churchill.

When your heart needs to race

  • Wildlife encounters
  • High-energy outdoor activities
  • Snowmobiling, kiteboarding, ATV activities
  • Nightlife, bars and clubs

When your heart needs to sing

  • Festivals and concerts
  • Powwows
  • Cultural gatherings
  • Culinary experiences
Hoop dancers at a pow wow, standing in the sunlight in Cranberry Portage.

Powwow in Cranberry Portage.

A person stands on the ice with arms wide, looking up at the northern lights.
Alex de Vries

Northern lights in Churchill.

When your heart needs quiet

  • Northern lights
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Spas and relaxing getaways
  • Road trips
  • Hiking

When your heart needs wild

  • Ice fishing
  • Open-water fishing
  • Hunting experiences
A person holding a very large northern pike caught while ice fishing.

Ice fishing for northern pike.

Sample Partner Messaging

We invite you to use heart-based messaging to help amplify Manitoba’s brand. We’ve provided some examples below.

Please do not use the tagline “Canada’s heart is calling” in your marketing and communications without obtaining permission from the Travel Manitoba team.

Share your company's purpose.

Our heart’s calling is making your heart ____.

Insert reflect, race, sing, quiet or wild in the space above.

Invite travellers to visit you.

Partner ad sample

If your heart needs to travel, follow it to ____.

Identify your business name, location or offering in the space above.

Tell visitors how an experience will make them feel.

Partner ad sample

Our ______ will make your heart ____.

Name the experience or product in the first space.

Insert reflect, race, sing, quiet or go wild in the second space.

Design Guidelines

Partners can align their marketing materials with the Travel Manitoba brand. By following the standards outlined in our brand toolkit, you can leverage the brand's equity while helping us convey it consistently. Partners can also access our asset library to utilize existing brand photos and videos in their materials*.

  • Photography & videography: Do the photos and/or video depict an immersive experience? Are there people included in a way that showcases Manitoba’s welcoming and heart-driven aesthetic? (e.g. a person laughing or smiling or looking contemplative.)
  • Typography: Does the text have a clear hierarchy? Are all fonts and sizes legible?
  • Colour: Have you used colour sparingly? Do the colours complement the photography?
  • Logo: If you've used Travel Manitoba logo, have you chosen the best one for the size of the application? Questions about the logo can be directed to

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